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Meet The Team


Bakersfield Property Buyers was started by two local Real Estate Investors who have a passion for "The Deal", and helping property owners have a seamless and hassle free process of dissolving their properties. 


As investors, they seek to structure "win-win" scenarios with offers that benefit the seller and all parties involved in their transactions.   

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Dylan Conner

Founder/Acquisitions Manager/Investor


Being born and raised in Bakersfield, and a BHS Graduate from the class of 1995.  After spending some time in Dallas and also working in Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions in Tampa, Florida, Dylan is excited to be back home after several years away. 


Over the last several years, Dylan has acquired many properties and has been helping property owners dissolve of properties in an easy and effortless manner while rebuilding those that need upgrading, helping to improve the neighborhood eye appeal. 


Dylan is married with two children.  He takes great pride in developing positive relationships, working to help improve peoples situations by structuring win/win scenarios in every deal.

Hector Gomez

Founder/Portfolio Manager/Investor/Family Man


Hector has spent most of his life in Bakersfield and has completed hundreds of real estate transactions as an investor between California and Texas.  With his extensive experience, he is able to identify potential property issues before they arise, and improve the condition of many "less than desirable" assets he has evaluated. 


As a devoted family man, Hector and his high school sweetheart, Michelle, have 4 wonderful children ranging that keep him busy outside of his career as a Real Estate Investor.

This Guy

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This Guy was part of the website template, so I thought we would just include 1 more person for you to read about. 


And while we don't know who this man is, we are fairly confident that he would be an asset to the team, if given the opportunity.  If anybody knows him personally, please let him know we have a spot for him, and welcome a resume submission and interview.

O: 123-456-7890  

M: 123-456-7890

F: 123-456-7890

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